MMM 5, 12" vinyl, digital:

MMM: Dex
MMM: Rio

mastering: rashad at clunk, cut at dubplates & mastering
pressing: pallas via eldorado

Vinyl distribution by Hard Wax
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Hard Wax
Party guaranteed, sub heavy & subtly rhythmical world musics infected deadly sounding techno cuts - TIP!

Absolutely crackers new single from MMM, indulging their taste for UK Funky and outernational rhythms to the fullest. Aside from being utterly lethal and undeniably effective, both these tracks are perhaps an unknowing middle finger to those Disco, House and Techno snobs who've turned their dopey noses up at Grimier, soca-synched street-level sounds in recent years (you know who you are, and you can't dance). Anyway, rant o'er, you'll find the amped swagger of 'Dex' on the frontside, a blinding slice of optimised tribalism romping with dubstep-style subs, ear-clipping claps and party-fuelling electro synths. It's a f*ckin' bangoh, mate. Turn it up and over to 'Rio', a stealthier, techier builder running on swingers drums and inimitably red-lining synths guaranteed to be lodged in your head by the end of summer. Like anything else bearing the MMM herald, it's an essential purchase.

Fact Magazine
This week, ‘Dex’ appeared in Berlin record store Hardwax. It’s the new record by Erik (a.k.a Errorsmith, and one half of Smith and Hack, with Soundstream) and Fiedel, who produce together as MMM. It’s the fifth MMM record since 1996, and the second and fourth in particular (‘Donna’ and ‘Nous Sommes MMM’) are classics.

‘Dex’ is a big dubstep-style wobbler, but rather than feel stodgy, as a lot of dubstep wobblers do, it gleams, glides and sparkles. In the track’s second half, there’s the closest thing you’re likely to get to an LFO solo, and it’s brilliant. ‘Rio’ is basically a UK Funky bouncer, but again, there’s something to it that just makes it more silky, and yet more authoritative than anything it’s likely to consider competition.

So why do these tracks stand out so much? Quite simply, because Erik and Fiedel just do stuff better. MMM productions might, at first glance, be the simplest type of party music, but the expertise behind them is a result of years of study and training. Fiedel hires out one of the best soundsystems in Berlin, while Erik just released his own soft synthesiser for Native Instruments. In short, the pair of them know exactly how to make dance music sound powerful, agile and euphoric in exactly the right places. They are, quite literally, Masters at Work.

Juno Records
MMM aka Errorsmith and Fiedel conjure up a more than worthy successor to last year's "Nous Somme MMM" for the fifth instalment of the infrequent MMM series that commenced all the way back in 1996! It's nigh on impossible to call which of "Dex" and "Rio" is the superior party jam - a sure sign of quality. The A Side flex of "Dex" is distinguished by truly evil sub bass that filters through your every pore and a kind of diwali meets kick drum rhythm that's simple in its execution but stunningly effective. It's the descent into absolute sonic chaos towards the end of the track that left our jaws firmly planted to the floor. "Rio" is just as rhythmically dextrous though it's far smoother, eschewing the A Side's route towards bedlam for an undulating UK F pattern that lends the track real energy.

Following 2010's utterly necessary 12" on the self-release (Nous Sommes), Erik Wiegand and Fiedel return as MMM to shift the techno plates once more, for the better. Dipping a collective production finger into the ear-sizzling high-frequencies of UKF, "Dex" witnesses an invaluable, damn exciting metamorphosis in form. This is a prime selection of dynamic floor minimalism, forever on the front foot, and defying classification.