MMM 6, 12" vinyl, digital:

MMM: Que Barbaro
MMM: Casio Dub

mastering: helmut at dubplates & mastering
pressing: pallas via eldorado

Vinyl distribution by Hard Wax
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Hard Wax
Disco aware, Kwaito informed perfect tracks on the edge of House & Techno - TIP!

Erik + Fiedel aka MMM ramp up two Kwaito-spiked disco aces on their 6th 12" together. 'Que Barnaro' is a beast; surgically funky guitar licks laced to pistoning hi-hats and hip-swinging sub hits for proper exothermic reactions. Whip this out at the right time and you've got a ceiling slamming party on your hands, no messing. Flipside, they invert the formula to more reserved, energy-conserving effect with the moody acid motif and clipped keyboard percussions of 'Casio Dub' coming off like Heatsick soundtracking a sticky rave on a ghost ship somewhere in the Bermuda triangle. TIPPED!

Dummy Magazine
(...)Que Barbaro is just as high quality as anything else they’ve committed their name to – it’s a logical continuation of the sound heard on their last record Dex/_Rio_, an elastic, brainmelting, UK funky-inflected rave monster. The groove that it first introduces is untouchable, too.