MMM 7, 12" vinyl, digital:

MMM: Jack7
MMM: Syncro

mastering: rashad at dubplates & mastering
pressing: pallas via eldorado

Vinyl distribution by Hard Wax
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Hard Wax
Perfectly crafted, effectively rolling DJ tools living up to rich, techy Chicago Oldschool legacy

Spin Magazine
MMM's Errorsmith and Fiedel are masters of misdirection. They specialize in stripped-to-the-bone rave bangers so rudimentary they sound almost, well, almost kind of basic, to resort to this week's trending putdown. But, like the Stooges, they know that there's a fine line between stupid and stoopid. That line is thinner than ever on "Jack," with its two-note melody, its tinny preset tone, its my-kid-could-do-this level of complexity. On first listen, it might sound kind of cheap, but hear it loud, and you'll realize that it's no joke. The jaunty call-and-response between that pipsqueak lead and that roly-poly bass line, not to mention the perpetually morphing timbres of it all, are compelling in a way that almost defies critical analysis. Their trickster sensibility really comes to the fore on "Syncro," an extended fugue state whose entire M.O. is a ping-pong delay drifting slowly out of phase; it's basically the Jaws shark-attack cue as imagined by Thomas Brinkmann. (PHILIP SHERBURNE)

MMM bust a sweat with two precise, wall-banging aces paying tribute to classic Chicago styles. 'Jack7' juices optimal amounta funk from a camp, twanging lead, kinky bass fills and heavy kicks reducing elements of NRG disco, house and techno to a sticky, potent residue. 'Syncro' follows suit with dry-ass drum machine patterns causing silky friction with wiggly synth for that Green Velvet/Dj Rush style Chi-wiggle/jack.