Our first album will be out on 28.10.21:

The live premiere will be at Unsound Festival on the 14.10.21.

'On the Edge' Press Release:

format: 2x12“ Vinyl / Digital
distribution: Hard Wax

After a string of seminal club 12”s over the course of two decades, and in the midst of two successful solo careers, MMM finally release their first album. Erik Wiegand is the critically- acclaimed, PAN-affiliated Errorsmith and creator of Native Instrument’s Razor synth; Michael Fiedler is Berghain resident DJ Fiedel, as well as label head, producer, and co-founder of the legendary Wax Treatment party. While, as Messe der Meister von Morgen, the Berlin-based duo are known and beloved as a rave act providing the utmost energy, On the Edge shows their more tender side with the depth and emotional complexity befitting the sustained passion for and experience in music the project shares.

Although the market rewards regular and frequent releases, MMM have always chosen quality over quantity, taking time to achieve this and releasing when they have something they’re proud of. Self-releasing from day one – and partnering with Hard Wax for distribution – their independence has meant total artistic freedom. And even with their previous zero promo approach, their two ‘hits’ speak for themselves: 1997’s “Donna” and 2010’s “Nous Sommes MMM” (“Donna” was revealed to be the biggest-selling record in the history of Glasgow’s crucial Rubadub record store). But even though they’re known for rave-infused classics, they refuse to be pigeonholed.

In fact, the power of On the Edge is drawn from a near-meditative tension, rather than the boisterous party vibes of before – hence the title. Decades of engagement with dance music culture are filtered, refined, and synthesized, crafting a pure and individual sound. While you can clearly hear elements of genres such as techno, dub, UK bass, and gqom, it fits into none of those. If simplicity was a club weapon before, now it’s finely calibrated and downright subtle. Most tracks are spacious in their reduction – “On the Edge” and “So Nigh” contain only four elements each. Yet a lot, maybe more than before, is communicated. The accessibility of the arrangements invites everybody, but those in the know will appreciate the sophistication and inventiveness.

While not a ‘pandemic’ record per se, the timing fits. A world that’s exponentially more complex requires more sensitivity, and On The Edge reflects this. Loaded with thoughtful poignancy – they would even call it sadness – but somehow uplifting and empowering in its emotion, On the Edge is a new dimension not just for MMM but also for dance music itself.


MMM is the collaboration of Errorsmith and Fiedel. Since 1996 they release their takes on dance music. They produced underground club hits like the disco-techno hybrid 'Donna' and the rave infused 'Nous sommes MMM' but also experimental club tracks like 'J-Beez' and 'Syncro'. 2021 sees the release of their debut album 'On the Edge', showing their more tender side with music which is at the same time meditative and loaded with emotional tension.

Fiedel is a resident DJ at Berghain, releases solo work on his label Fiedelone and collaborations on Fiedeltwo. He is also a co-founder of the Wax Treatment party in Berlin. PAN-affiliated Errorsmith is known for his synthesis driven solo releases as well as for RAZOR, a synthesizer he developed for native instruments. Together with Soundhack aka Soundstream he is Smith n Hack. They all release on their own label with the support of the Hard Wax record store in Berlin.

Longer story:

MMM started to produce in the mid 90's. The first MMM 12" was released in 1996. It features dirty distorted electro stompers like 'Electro cut' and 'Grundig'.

The track 'Donna' from their second 12“ single became a techno classic. This timeless disco-techno hybrid is still played out today, appeared on countless mix-cds made by DJ Hell to Boys Noize and causes ecstatic youtube comments to this day. So it's no wonder that MMM has to meet from time to time to stamp the repressed records (stamp=artwork).

After the first two releases MMM took a longer break. Errorsmith released music under his solo name and started Smith n Hack with befriended Soundhack. Fiedel continued to dj. Today he is one of the resident Djs of the Berghain club in Berlin and is represented by its in-house 'Ostgut' booking agency.

The long cherished plan to make music together again was finally realised in 2007. They released 'touch and go' on the 'Anniversary EP' released by Soundhack and MMM together to celebrate 10 years of existence.

In 2010 MMM released their forth 12" containing 'Nous sommes MMM' and ''Let's git it on'. 'Nous sommes MMM' was one of the biggest underground techno hits that year, played out by Boys Noize, Dj Hell, Sven Väth, Ricardo Villalobos, Optimo and Jackmaster just to name a few.

In may 2011 MMM started a series of soca, dancehall and uk funky inspired releases. The first features the tracks 'Dex' and 'Rio'. 'Dex' was used as a background track on a scene of the British TV series 'Skins'.

MMM haven't done any remixes yet. This changed in 2012. They remixed a track by the south african band Shangaan Electro for the Honest jon's label in London. Next was a remix of 'XTC' by Boys Noize on Boysnoize records.

The small latin and bass influenced series continued in spring 2013 with the release of MMM 6, featuring 'Que Barbaro' a track for the dancefloors of this planet with disco guitar riffs and heavy bass submission over a soca beat. 'Casio Dub' is more relaxed and features a dub version of a sequence of 'Casiotone' which was originally released on the 'Anniversary E.P'.

2014 saw the release of Pev & Asusu - Surge (MMM remix) on the Livity Sound label as well as Jack7 and Syncro on their own label.

The following years MMM worked on their first Album titled 'On the Edge' which comes out in october 2021. Style wise the focus has shifted for this release. Its music has a meditative feel, loaded with emotional complexity and a tension on the edge of collapse.

Like most productions of Fiedel, Errorsmith, Soundhack, Soundstream and Smith n Hack, all MMM tracks are released by the artist himself instead of a label to assure the most possible artistic and financial independancy. This is possible through the support of Hard Wax, a Berlin based record store, which is the distributor of all their releases. Digital formats of their music are available at Hard Wax too, as well as all major music download shops and streaming services.